Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) is a combat sport in which two competitors attempt to achieve dominance over one another by utilising a wide variety of permitted martial arts techniques, including striking and grappling (Wikipedia).  The MMA classes blend the skills of other combative arts, such as kickboxing, wrestling and submission, while applying them from all ranges.  These training sessions are the fastest method to improve your conditioning with functional fitness





The rapidly increasing popularity and quality of Mixed Martial Arts sets it to be the combat sport of the future. MMA was previously known as "No-Holds Barred", but this term has been retired as it is no longer an accurate description of the modern sport which has formalised rules for the safety of the fighters.  Classes work within the standard rules of West Australian Mixed Martial Arts competition.  Sparring is optional.

Frank ShamrockAustralia has been visited by some of the best Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world who have conducted seminars across the country.  MMA legends such as Frank Shamrock (5-time undefeated UFC Middleweight Champion), Randy Couture (the only UFC champ in 2 weight divisions), as well as several others have taught their skills in Perth.  The ideas, techniques and training methods from these successful MMA fighters have influenced the structure of these MMA classes.


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